Thursday, 24 January 2013


Had a short stroll outside the house so I could take some pics to show my bosses in work that our track leading down to our house is impassable and until Iv'e had my second hip operation walking to work is an impossibility.
I noticed this impression in the snow of a bird taking off, I think it's a magpie by the spread of the primary feathers any idea's?

Could it have been a magpie?

Think my bosses in work will have any sympathy?

Looking down the track towards the house. Yes it's under there somewhere! (the track not the house)

My trusted steed suzuki vitara, don't think it's going to get me off this frozen mountain.

This is the track running up from our home.

The Garden's looking all-white

Them icicles are just above our back door, think we better use the front.

Wish I had a bulldozer.

Lets hope the thaw sets in this weekend.


  1. Have you ever seen that film with Jack Nicolson at the Overlook Hotel? Well being stuck in up here is getting a bit like that!

  2. Yes I know, thank you for your comment and the name of that film is "THE SHINING".