Wednesday, 23 January 2013


We had another substantial snow fall last night so Iv'e booked the rest of the week off. The snow on the track has drifted to 4 ft. in some places so there's no way I'm getting out so here I am with another blog.

I had another first at the feeders today this Mistle Thrush popped in for a quick feed although it didn't stay long. Iv'e seen them around about the place either singing in a distant tree or in small parties in trees and bushes sometimes calling loudly as they go about their business.

Although it's great to have something new to photograph we have to think of the reasons why they coming in to my feeders. Well obviously with so much snow on the ground and in the trees there's a massive lack of food and with the below freezing temperature's we having at the moment the birds need to eat a hell of a lot so they can build up their fat reserves and so hopefully make it through these freezing winter nights. With the wet spring and summer which meant the birds had  pretty bad breeding success and now this prolonged snow fall and freezing conditions I should imagine a lot of bird numbers will be down quite considerably by the start of this years breeding season.

This Robin so desperate to feed its trying to peck at the fat ball hanging at the feeding station.

This blackbird looks like it's swallowed a cricket ball and is well fat. Infact it's plumping out it's feather's to keep warm and to try and preserve it's fat content for when it goes to roost later.

Lets hope we get a thaw soon so I can get back to work and the birds can find plenty of food to see them through the rest of this winter.


  1. Loving your pics do you see any kites around your place

  2. We have had some fly over kites but they're not regular visitors to this area at least I don't think they are would love to get a pic of one though.