Monday, 21 January 2013


Edited some more of my snowy bird photo's, well I'm stuck up here at the moment and it's stopped me from going stir crazy. So rather then just file them away to look at when I'm bored thought I'd share them with you here (why should I be the only one to suffer) so here you are snowy bird pic's part deaux (I hope that's the correct French way to spell 2).

Here's another of my female Brambling she still here in amongst the Chaffinch's

A female chaffinch this time, as you can see they really don't look that much alike.

A male Reed Bunting, this one still in winter plumage.

female Blackbird

And a handsome male

A pretty and common bird to my feeders the Goldfinch

The Nuthatch

The Great Spotted Woodpecker comes to the feeders regulary both male and female birds have started coming in at the same time since the cold snap.

Another Jay, although a shy species I get loads of Jays down to the feeders I've got more Jay pic's than you can shake a stick at but I love em!

No I haven't kept the best til last this is another one of those rubbish Buzzard pic's.


  1. Wow!! What camera are you using? Is there a big length lens on there?

  2. Thanks, my camera equipment is canon eos 450d and a canon 400mm f5/6 prime. I take most of my pic's especially lately through the windows in our home.

  3. dawson , mam just gave me this blog.
    love reading and seeing your pics, house looks beautiful and your pics take me back to when we was young and when we first started bird watching.
    you got some great pictures there , keep up the good work
    next you gonna have to try and get some pictures of my favorite , the barn owl.
    anyway , keep up the good work , keep the photos coming and keep blogging
    all the best,

  4. WELL WELL Robert my favourite nephew thank you very much for looking at my blog. I only started it in October just for a laugh really and somewhere to stick my photos but I do enjoy it. It's been hard going up here this week with all the snow we've had bet you dont get much if any where you are. Having my second hip operation in March so will be able to do a lot more once I recover from that. Tina bought me a hide so I'll be in that if we get any better weather. Hope your ok look after youself and my great neice and I'd love to get a pic of a barn owl they are about here so here's hoping all the best.