Tuesday, 22 January 2013


We finally got out yesterday my trusted steed AKA my Vitara got us through the snow and down to civilisation. We bought some essential supplies salted some of the snowy pathway and thought great we can get back to normal. Got my sandwiches made, working clothes ready, then went to bed nice and early for my 5 O'clock alarm call (I supposed to be days this week). Alarm sounded up I got looked through the window and there it was another 2 foot of the white stuff, effing snow if your not keeping up. So we're trapped again my trusted steed couldn't make it this time through the 3 foot drifts that had reformed at the steepest part of our track so that's why I'm sat here once again blogging. Didn't have my camera this morning so no pic's of the snow and I wasn't going back up there to do so. I ask again can anyone lend us a bulldozer!?

 Well there was I complaining about no new species are coming to my feeders when this turned up:-

What do you mean is that it! It's a beauty and the first one Iv'e had at the feeders, this Starling was all alone so no murmerations were seen but I was so glad to see it.

It did have a good feed and stayed at the feeders all afternoon.

The white spots on the Starlings winter plumage is just the tips of the feathers that are white. In spring and summer they moult into their glossy black plumage and bright yellow beaks.

You all may think I'm mental but I'm well pleased. Here's a Blackbird for comparison:-

Well I was photographing this Robin and suddenly the wind blew and I thought I had another rarity (honest)

The crested Robin {Erithacus rubecula cristatus?}

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