Saturday, 28 May 2016


It'll be five years this October since we moved up here on the mountain and since the setting up of my two feeding stations I have never recorded a Bullfinch. I thought that perhaps we were to far up and as there's no hedges or thick vegetation that they seem to like as an habitat they would never show up. We have every other finch up here chaffinch, greenfinch, goldfinch, linnet, siskin, even yellow hammer and reed bunting but never a Bully, until this morning! to my utter amazement and joy these two beauties flew in this morning and were feeding away quite happily allowing me to take a few snap shots.

male bullfinch

female bullfinch

I don't know if they're breeding close by because the habitat isn't that suitable for them but it's great to have them drop in.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


After a slow beginning the redstarts are taking up residents in some of the boxes we've put out for them.
I recently set up my camcorder near one of the boxes to see if I could capture any redstart action. I left it there for about an hour and managed to record this short clip of a pair that has chosen a round hole box on my shed (they usually prefere one's with a square hole). 

inside the redstart nesting box
Most of the boxes are occupied by either blue or great tits, the information I have off my fellow birder Steve Carter is that their last few breeding seasons have been a bit of a disaster so it's good to see them hopefully bounce back.

blue tit sitting on her eggs
When the females leave their nests to feed they cover their eggs over as this picture clearly shows.

blue tit nest with eggs covered over
We've only got one pair nuthatch breeding in our nest box colony this year and they're busy feeding this little lot.

nuthatch chicks
On the subject of chicks this little chaffinch chick been hanging around the feeders for last day or so. It is being fed by it's mother but it looks so vulnerable just perched there chirping away I fear it's only a matter of time before it's spotted by a predator lets hope not!

chaffy chick
  Well into the breeding season now and Springwatch is back on Monday HOOOORAAAY!!! I hear you shout lets hope its a good one and I'll catch you all soon.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

milvus milvus

I saw this beauty near my home a few days ago it came in very close to the house and seemed to dive down at something on the ground. By the time I managed to get my camera it had flown further away but I managed to get these record shots, fantastic bird and for me to see one that close was a real treat.

Steve came over at the beginning of this week on the hunt for some nests, he found this song thrush nest with four eggs.

This meadow pipit nest which also had four eggs and was Steve's first of this year so far.

We also found a Stonechat with chicks, we couldn't really tell how many as the nest was deep under a gorse bush so we left nearly straight away as the parent birds were alarming at us near by. Steve is hoping to ring these chicks sometime this week.

Here's a couple of pic's that I've taken recently.

This pair of Green woodpeckers were clinging on to a concrete post.

Here's a nice female yellowhammer taken by my feeders.

The weather is finally getting warmer and as we enter the month of May the breeding season should be by now, in full swing, so lets hope for a good season.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned no blog for almost a year and nearly bottom of some of my fellow bloggers members list oh dear!!, What's he been doing? the answer is not a lot, and not that much been happening bird wise but I should have made more of an effort to get out there.

The spring so far has been very cold and could be the reason why the breeding season hasn't really taken off yet. Having said that some of the early breeders have already got chicks birds like dipper, mistle thrush and a lot of the water bird species will be feeding young by now. Stephen Carter has been on his annual nesting pilgrimage and has informed me that things have been pretty slow but are starting to pick up. He's found this Stonechat nest this weekend.

Here's a male Stonechat that I took this week.

Redstarts have started to arrive in good numbers Steve and myself have made and erected seven new boxes this year to hopefully get more to stay in the area to nest.

                                  This is the female

                                 and the male

I'll finish with a couple of pics of our more commoner birds.


Great tit


Blue tit
Reed bunting

Coal Tit



Promise not to leave it for another year let's hope something interesting turns up.