Sunday, 8 May 2016

milvus milvus

I saw this beauty near my home a few days ago it came in very close to the house and seemed to dive down at something on the ground. By the time I managed to get my camera it had flown further away but I managed to get these record shots, fantastic bird and for me to see one that close was a real treat.

Steve came over at the beginning of this week on the hunt for some nests, he found this song thrush nest with four eggs.

This meadow pipit nest which also had four eggs and was Steve's first of this year so far.

We also found a Stonechat with chicks, we couldn't really tell how many as the nest was deep under a gorse bush so we left nearly straight away as the parent birds were alarming at us near by. Steve is hoping to ring these chicks sometime this week.

Here's a couple of pic's that I've taken recently.

This pair of Green woodpeckers were clinging on to a concrete post.

Here's a nice female yellowhammer taken by my feeders.

The weather is finally getting warmer and as we enter the month of May the breeding season should be by now, in full swing, so lets hope for a good season.

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