Sunday, 12 June 2016


The number of Redstarts that have taken up residency to breed in our nest box colony have been a bit disappointing this year with only two pair compared to last year when we had four. We've also put up extra boxes to encourage more to breed in them but they remain unused, for some reason it just hasn't happened. I don't think it's the lack of numbers as there seem to be singing Redstarts everywhere I think that there must be a good number of natural sites and this year the birds have chosen to use them.
Anyway the chicks in two that they have used are now big enough to ring so Stephen the conservationist Carter came over to do just that.

redstart chicks
Here's the adult male and female that have both been working hard feeding their hungry brood.


Below is a video of Steve ringing the chicks in both boxes.

Here's a couple of pic's of some nice birds at my feeders.

pair of Siskins

lesser redpole

who doesn't love a Robin

Hard to believe that them tiny Redstart chicks will be making their way to Africa in a few months time, bonvoyage!! 

Saturday, 11 June 2016


I was lucky enough to be taken to a Goshawk nest site today at a secret location under schedule 1 licence.
It was very hard going to reach the nest site but when we finally got there were rewarded with tremendous views of two Goshawk chicks, the adult birds must have been out hunting and even though we were in full camo gear more than likely they would have spotted us and stayed away.
It was pretty misty and dark in the forest so we had to use a very high iso setting and as wide an aperture setting as possible. So although not perfect the pic's are not to bad considering the conditions, we only stayed at the site for a few minutes to keep disturbance to a minimum.

Goshawk chicks

Although this next pic is not one of mine it shows what these two chicks will eventually turn out like when they reach adulthood, they really are awesome birds.

adult Goshawk 
A brilliant morning and thanks to everyone involved.