Thursday, 26 May 2016


After a slow beginning the redstarts are taking up residents in some of the boxes we've put out for them.
I recently set up my camcorder near one of the boxes to see if I could capture any redstart action. I left it there for about an hour and managed to record this short clip of a pair that has chosen a round hole box on my shed (they usually prefere one's with a square hole). 

inside the redstart nesting box
Most of the boxes are occupied by either blue or great tits, the information I have off my fellow birder Steve Carter is that their last few breeding seasons have been a bit of a disaster so it's good to see them hopefully bounce back.

blue tit sitting on her eggs
When the females leave their nests to feed they cover their eggs over as this picture clearly shows.

blue tit nest with eggs covered over
We've only got one pair nuthatch breeding in our nest box colony this year and they're busy feeding this little lot.

nuthatch chicks
On the subject of chicks this little chaffinch chick been hanging around the feeders for last day or so. It is being fed by it's mother but it looks so vulnerable just perched there chirping away I fear it's only a matter of time before it's spotted by a predator lets hope not!

chaffy chick
  Well into the breeding season now and Springwatch is back on Monday HOOOORAAAY!!! I hear you shout lets hope its a good one and I'll catch you all soon.


  1. All good stuff, here's hoping for a very busy breeding season around your place!

    1. Cheers Paul,
      Your photo's especially of the recent barn owl discovery are superb well done.