Sunday, 21 April 2013


The wife was outside grooming the dog of all things and came across 2 Goldfinch. One was dead and the other was in a sorry state it looked frightened and dazed so much so that Tina picked the live goldfinch up without the bird even trying to fly off and brought it inside.

the poor old dead goldfinch

this one looks frightened but still alive
We put the little mite inside a cardboard box with cotton wool, some niger seed and water and put it in a quiet dry place to see if it will survive the night so we can let it free. Fingers crossed all goes well for this little finch and it can join the others in the morning. It weighs hardly anything, it makes you realise how fragile these birds are.

I'm still wondering what happened to these birds as there's not a mark on them? I think the more likely answer is that my feeding station by the side of the house was attacked by Sparrowhawk,  as the finches scattered in terror they may have flew into the wall or might be that frightened that it just froze. Think there is stories of attacks on birds by sparrowhawks that the birds die of fright, anyway that's the only logical thing I can think of, but if you got any idea's or any tips how  I can nurse this one back to full health please leave a comment. 

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