Thursday, 11 April 2013


I haven't really had that much to blog about, no migrants yet but having said that the cold weather has now turned warmer but alas wetter, I've got another week on crutches before I'm finally free and can start living a bit. I decided to take a few photo's today and in my boredom I decided to edit them and put them on here. Now the weather has turned milder I should think that the breeding season should really take off. We've got a few nest boxes put up around the place so we hope to have a few of them in use in the not to distant future, lets hope for some sunny spring weather when I'm back on my feet next weekend "hallelujah".




pied wagtail

G S Woodpecker's head (I didn't think you'd like a pic of his arse)


singing chaffinch

G S Woodpecker

reed bunting

 a non singing chaffinch

Hope you liked them, now come on birds get breeding!

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