Sunday, 14 April 2013


Male and female Linnet today feeding on the floor under feeders, looks like they're back on territory ready hopefully to start breeding. 2 years ago I had massive numbers of these birds around our place during spring and summer. Last year hardly any like I've said on previous posts the disastrous weather we had last year and the loads of failed breeding attempts the birds had may have been why. Reed buntings now singing and in their summer dress as well as meadow pipit's displaying has thankfully and finally brought spring to our mountain, a bit of nice weather now wouldn't go amiss!

male linnet

male linnet

male linnet

female linnet
Here's some of the others that my nest finding butty Steve Carter will hope to be recording:-

meadow pipit

reed bunting


Good golly gosh we'll be watching springwatch before you know it!

Foot note:- Thanks Guy for being a follower (even if Eira made you) I'm up to 4 now, cheers.

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