Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Obviously living on a farm we get our fair share of farm animals about the place. and it being spring (at last) thought I'd put a couple of pic's of the lambs that are now wandering around near the house with their mothers. There is a down side to this as we haven't got our bit of ground fenced off yet so the sheep and the lambs crap everywhere and are very patial to the bird food I put out on the feeding stations but that said I think the lambs are very cute.

don't eat the flowers lamb chop, our daffs are only just starting to bloom


altogether now "mint saurce"!
 Here's a couple of bird pic's to keep you going.

a common site up here of a carrion crow chasing off a buzzard

jay's are still about

regular breeder up here the dunnock

this pied wagtail still looking at himself in my car's wing mirror (stop pooping)

hopefully this nuthatch will take up residence in one of our boxes

another linnet pic

reed bunting
 We'll have the cows down in a few weeks now they can shite, so I hope Tina's started to plant her garden by then so we can put it to good use.

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