Friday, 3 May 2013


Been walking around our place getting the old hip stronger and have chanced upon a couple of nest sights. The breeding season is now in full swing with birds singing and displaying everywhere, I'm delighted that my summer visitors have come back with all species that were here last year returning. Wheatears have been a bit thin on the ground but Redstart, Willow warbler, Tree pipit, and Swallows are in good numbers and our first Cuckoo calling a couple of days ago was a great relief. No Chiffchaff think it must be a bit to high up for them and no Blackcap down in the woods but they're in good numbers elsewhere. Here's a few of the nest sights and boxes that around about the place.

carrion crows nest

green woodpecker hole the wood on the rim of the hole is still fresh and there were chippings at the base of the trunk

house sparrow colony box

this is a redstart box that a nuthatch is using notice how the birds have packed mud around the entrance to make it smaller and rounder

redstart normal box

nest is nearly built inside this box think it could be blue or great tit

this is an owl box that was erected by Steve Carter naff all in it though!

we think this was a tawny owls nest hole but again like my head empty
these are old woodpecker holes that could be used by other hole nesting species

Now for some birds

male house sparrow this was the first one I've had up here hope he finds the boxes

this male pied wagtail is breeding up here also, it finds my car wing mirrors fascinating and enjoys pooping on them

female siskin

male siskin

still plenty of jay's about

the main nestbox user the great tit

and the blue tit
There will be a few more nests found around the place in the next couple of months so I hope to bring you more news and pictures soon.


  1. Hi Dawson,
    great pics - as always.

  2. Thanks Guy,I try my best, would love to get closer to them for some sharp detailed shots. I'm trying to persuade Tina to go down Tredegar House I love a cream tea.