Thursday, 16 May 2013


The oldest Thomas and myself built a couple of small chicken wire fences today to keep them hungry sheep and their lambs out of the one side of the house and the back wildlife garden so we can grow a few things in there (the wife loves gardening). Not a bad job overall and the weather was kind to us.

Not a bad job at all and now them sheep can eat grass instead of our tree blossoms, flowers, and the bird food I put out for my avian friends.

Here's the culprits
eat the grass you fluffy sheep

I know they're cute but they eat everything.......BAHH STEWARDS!

When we were looking in the shed for some wood we came across this blackbirds nest so I took a quick photo got our wood and left her in peace. There were also 2 swallows nest's in there.

up close blackbirds nest

same nest but a bit further back

the 2 swallow nests, might be a bit early for eggs yet but you never know!
Right who's up for some bird pic's then? well tough your having them anyway:-

Here's a selection of corvids not everyone's cup of rosey but I think they got a certain charm about them and through persecution one of the most skittish group of birds to photograph.

Hope you enjoyed that selection and lets hope that the sheep stay out of the gardens, so my lovely green fingered wife can grow some botanic beauties.

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