Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Found a Pipit nest yesterday the thing is we got Tree and Meadow Pipits about the farm they are almost identical to look at and must overlap each other. The nest is on a tump with tree's very nearby where the Tree pipits are singing and displaying constantly. This is the best way to separate these two species as their calls and display flights are very different. In both Tree and meadow the colour of the eggs are very variable so I couldn't really tell from that. I took a quick photo with my iphone but its not very clear. I'd love it to be a Tree pipit as their nests are more difficult to find and as they are a summer visitor it would be very pleasing.

this shot taken with my phone isn't very clear

just because this Pipit is in a tree doesn't mean that its automatically a tree pipit listen to the call.

this is a sound recording I made yesterday near the nest site you can hear tree pipit's calling as well as yellowhammer, willow warbler, song thrush, blackbird, chaffinch and cuckoo and I think there may be a wren and nuthatch in there as well
Hopefully I'll get a better pic of the nest one day next week, as  I don't want to disturb the adult birds to much. I'll leave it for Steve's next visit. 

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