Thursday, 9 May 2013


I was given a bit of a treat yesterday when these Redpoll came onto the feeders, this is the first Redpoll I've had come to the feeders so I was well pleased.
There are a couple of British sub species like Lesser and Mealy Redpoll but for me and this blog we're just going to call them Redpoll. The Arctic Redpoll is a different species that is found in Britain but is quite different in appearance to the Redpoll anyway enough of this technical stuff here's the pic's:-

Bet your Redpoll'd out by now so here's the best of the rest, well I haven't edited them for nowt!

Here's some recent Nuthatch photo's:-

I get more of  a success rate  photographing Nuthatch's them most of the other birds that visit the feeders.

Some nice male Siskins they seem a lot more bright yellow now its spring.

Goldfinch's are a stunning little bird, (wonder if the one with the broken wing has recovered)

A nice Greenfinch

To end the finch fest here's a chaffinch.

Hope the Redpoll keep returning to feed they're cracking little birds.

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