Friday, 23 November 2012


Here's some of my latest bird pic's

      male chaffinch

       male blackbird. we've had this one around all last year notice the white splash on the tail.

           female blackbird


       great spotted woodpecker amongst the feeders


          great tit

          great spotted woodpecker

     This jay has learnt how to hold on to the feeder and empty about 10 peanuts at a time

      It's got 7 peanuts crammed into its beak, wonder what the record is?

     It then flies off to bury them. Been trying some flight shots lately without much success as you can see.

                          Have you noticed this great spotted's tongue poking out? it must have seen me with the camera, thier tongues have barbs on them and have a sticky substance on them also this is for getting at the grubs and insects that live behind the bark of a tree and for hoovering up the ants on the ground. Don't know what they use it to eat my peanuts for.

       Here's a close up so you can see it better.

        Between the squirrels and the Jays the peanuts in my feeders dont last long.

                What did I tell you.

     I know their greedy rascals but they are kind of cute.

       coal tit

     The squirrel's emptying my bird table now! I'm off to buy some more nuts, and seeds and fat balls and............................?


  1. Nice blog Dawson, some cracking photos - it must be one hell of a camera!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Iv'e got a canon eos 450d and a 400mm f5/6 canon prime lens. There's been a lot of upgrades in the camera and camera lens world since Iv'e had my gear the prices of them are astronomical. Although I'd love an upgrade.

  2. Lovely shots particularly like the woodpecker and jay pics - wish I could get that close, they both seem nervous birds and take flight when you get near.

  3. My feeders are outside our bedroom window and with us living on the mountain we do get a good variety of birds (although I'd like more) so I'm very lucky. If I stay still the birds come back and fore the feeders and take no notice of me.