Saturday, 10 November 2012


After watching how bad Wales just played against Argentina and my beloved R's going down 1-0 to Stoke and we still havn't won a game this year, I thought I'd console myself with a bit of blogging so here goes.  

The Jay is a woodland bird and although very beautiful to look at is a member of the Crow family. It will steal and eat the eggs and chicks of any nest it finds and will also eat anything from caterpillers to small rodents, though this time of year it mostly eats acorns and food that it has stashed away for the winter like the peanuts on my bird table. Jay's bury hundreds of acorns each year it can carry several in a pouch under the throat and like most of the crow family is very intelligent.

Jay's will sit in the middle of an ants nest, the formic acid given off by the insects help to rid the bird of feather parasites, this is known as Anting.

Many people who see a Jay for the first time think it's some exotic species or even some sort of parrot as their plumage is very colourful.

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