Saturday, 1 December 2012


Went to put some food in the feeders last Sunday when I came across a fox lying in the grass, when it saw me it got up walked three yards and collapsed. The poor thing looked like it had been poisoned, there were no marks or wounds on it to suggest it had been in a fight with another animal or had been shot. Within an hour it had died.

I've got two things about this killing that I'm not comfortable with, we've got a nine year old boy who's very inquisitive what if he had saw the fox first tried to help it and the poison from the fox was transferred to him also what if our dog Jack had got to it and licked it or bit it and the poison been transferred to him? I believe the use of poisons to be illegal I understand that foxes could take newly born lambs and chickens etc. but surely there's got to be a more humane and safer way to keeping foxes under control.
We have the hunt up around here during the autumn and winter months but not happy with killing the foxes using dogs and men in full camo gear with guns and the rest of it people want to put poison down, imagine the other wildlife that feed on carrion (dead animals) that would have been killed if I would have left the foxes carcass instead of burning it which was the only sure way to make sure no other creature would have suffered the same fate as this poor animal.

    This is how close he was to our house.

I'd rather see foxes like the images below which I took a couple of months ago, for all their wrong doings they truly are a beautiful animal and don't deserve to be cruely murdered in this way.

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