Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Yesterday morning we woke to a hard frost, my feeders are well stocked up except for the one with the squirrel hole in thats empty dont they realise I'm on a budget! Anyway got some nice wintery pic's of my local birds. No dunnock though or siskin sure I had them at my feeders this time last year anyway enough of me typing nonesense lets have a look at the birds.

       female reed bunting

      male chaffinch

     we had to have a jay

      male blackbird

      female greenfinch

      coal tit

      a christmas robin

        female chaffinch

         male brambling     
     mixed group of finches, work out what they are?

       female brambling

    male brambling, I kinda like this pic shows the beauty of the bird.

    not happy with busting my peanut feeder think it's going to have a go at recking this one.

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