Monday, 29 May 2017


Our Swallow which was flying around here on his own for a week or so (we called him lonesome George) has now finally got a mate.
They've been frantically nest building over the last couple of weeks and the nest now must be nearly complete. I had a look in the shed where they've decided to set up home and the nest is sat precariously on a wobbley board at the top of the shed so I hope it holds out.

swallows nest
one of the happy couple
I have been trying to get a photo of them together but they're either to far apart or they won't stay still long enough for a decent pic.

 In my last blog about our nest boxes I said that quite a few have been taken up by Great tits. I snapped this one coming out of a box after feeding it's chicks with what I think is a faecal sack in it's beak.

Also Stephen Carter sent me this beautiful pic of a Wood warblers nest in one of our local woodlands.

Steve is well on his way to a record breaking year in his nest finding quest. As you can see he finds a lot of natural nests as well as his many nest box colonies which he has scattered about on quite a few local farms. He has an excellent reputation with many local bird groups and wildlife organisations.

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