Friday, 12 May 2017


Green Woodpeckers are notoriously difficult to photograph. They're very nervous or as I'd say "skittish" birds and won't let you come anywhere near close enough for a decent picture. 
I was sat in my car on a lane near my home hoping to photograph a Stonechat which I'd seen in this lane calling and flitting about the previous day when this Green Woodpecker flew onto the floor about twenty yards in front of me and started feeding on an Ant hill.

green woody
 I slowly opened the car door expecting the bird to bolt at any time, but luckily enough it didn't notice me and carried on feeding.

As you can see by it's red moustachial stripe that this is a male.

He finally finished feeding hopped onto a fence post had a look around for a time then took off. 

a quick look around before taking off
More than likely it's got a nest hole somewhere near.

Just goes to show that sometimes in the right place at the right time and of course with a bit of luck.

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