Sunday, 7 May 2017


I'm lucky enough to be living on a farm where we get a good selection of birds. Spring is here now and the breeding season is always an exciting time with the arrival of our summer visitors and the resident birds coming back on their territories to pair up build their nests and raise their chicks.

I've been lucky enough to be able to photograph most of the birds that visit the farm and I'm always dazzled in spring on how beautiful our finches are, especially the males. The different vibrant colour patterns on their feathers I find absolutely gorgeous.
You can see why the Victorians used to keep them in cages as pets, as well as their brightly coloured feathers they are also quite good songsters.

Here's a selection from the Finch family.





lesser repoll

The above photo's are all very brightly coloured and handsome males.

Not a saturation button was touched in the editing of these pictures (he says with fingers arms and legs crossed). But I hope you all agree they are especially in spring very handsome chaps indeed.

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