Saturday, 20 May 2017


Stephen and another nest recorder Sean Price went around the nest box colony at the beginning of the week to check out what's been happening in the last week or two.

We have 46 boxes with 24 currently being occupied.

We now have 4 Redstarts,  4 Blue Tits which all are at chick stage,  3 Great tits at chick stage, 2 are sitting so couldn't tell what on, and 5 on egg stage.  2 Nuthatch (which we think one has been abandoned) the other one has very large chicks which won't be to long before they're fledged. There's also 4 possible builders.

One of the Redstart boxes have been damaged making the entry hole rather large so I went back there Thursday to make the hole smaller with a piece of wood to try and stop predators from stealing the contents.

redstart box
male redstart
blue tit
great tit
Steve and Sean also found a Linnet's nest in the gorse and there's a pair of Pied Wagtails nesting in a shed near my home.

pied wagtail

There were no loses in any of the boxes except we think the one Nuthatch which is excellent news. We're still in the month of May so still plenty of nesting to be done and I think Steve is on for a record year. 

More information about the Nest Record Scheme can be found on the BTO Website.

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