Sunday, 3 March 2013


This is my last post for a while, I'm having my hip operation this week so I won't be posting anything on here for a month or so, HOORAY I hear you shout.  The winter migrants that we've had with us over the last few months should be on their way back to their breeding grounds up north and east, while our summer visitors are already making their way north to us from their wintering grounds in Southern Europe and Africa. Hopefully I'll be well enough like I said in a month or so to get a few of their pictures on this blog. Until then here are some of our residents I've taken this weekend enjoy.

First some corvids:-

carrion crow


jackdaw close up (so you can see how ugly they are)


Here's some finch's

female siskin

male siskin

male chaffinch

another male chaffinch

female chaffinch

male greenfinch


one of my better efforts of a male siskin not on the feeders

Two tits, of the feathered kind, tut tut I've been told it's the mind it goes into.

coal tit

great tit
Here's the rest:-

I put this nuthatch on birdguides check it out

another nuthatch


female reed bunting

big chief sitting jay

See you all in a month or so when hopefully I'll be able to get about a lot better and help my mucker Steve Carter with his boxes and nest finding, take some more nice avian pictures in other locations as well as my feeders and go with my old friend Myrick to listen to and hopefully spot some Nightjar. Also to help and take out more my lovely wife Tina whose got the unenviable task of looking after me whilst I recover what would I do without her.

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