Sunday, 24 February 2013


The new nesting season is almost upon us and yours truly will be spending the first couple of months of it laid up recovering from my second hip operation. So with this in mind I thought that I'd wet your appetite with some photographs of nests that I've had given to me by Steve Carter from last years season, all nests were found within this area by Steve. It was because of the terrible weather we had last spring and summer that we had a pretty bad season with loads of nests being predated and adult birds abandoning nests because of their inability to feed their chicks because of lack of food. Also the ground nesting birds such as meadow pipit and skylark had a bad time of it because of their nesting area's being flooded by the constant rain. Steve hopes to find a lot more nests this year and hopes to have great success in his nestbox colonies he's got dotted around the area.

All pic's of birds are mine except snipe and pied flycatcher, all pic's of nests are Steve's.

snipe nest


redstart nest


meadow pipit nest

meadow pipit

chaffinch nest


carrion crow nest

carrion crow

pied flycatcher nest

pied flycatcher

robin nest


mistle thrush nest

mistle thrush

stonechat nest


yellowhammer nest

A good variety of nests and birds there, lets hope Steve has great success in his nest finding and boxes this year.

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