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Wildlife especially birds has been a passion of mine since a young age, but for those people who  know me they will also know my other passion is of course football. I played football for Cwmtillery AFC for almost 2 decades in the 80's and 90's and had some great times and won a few trophies along the way. 

This picture from the 80's was taken outside the old changing rooms which are now knocked down, I'm stood next to the late and great Keith Rossiter who was our coach at the time. Also Robert "Bob" Hart senior (front row first on the right) who also has had a life time commited to the club an X player Bob coached the team for many a season.

This newspaper article is from the Gwent gazette which profiled the club. A young Leigh Preece (front row in the middle) was the clubs mascot at the time he went on to represent the club at senior level and follow in the footsteps of his older brothers John, Paul and Colin. Keith Williams (front row first on the right) is Mr Cwmtillery he's played for the club and ran the club from top to bottom over the last 30 or more years. He's still involved with the club to the present day. Myself and the loads of players that have represented Cwmtillery over the years are all indebted To Kieth for his commitment, passion and dedication to the club and he's a real gentleman to boot.

This is the challenge cup final side from the 90's I cant remember the exact date. Dai Webley then of Merthyr Tydfil came and helped Robert Legge coach the side. This was the year when the team reached 3 cup finals in the same season.

This is the aftermath after we'd won the challenge cup final.

Another challenge cup winning side also from the 90's this team featured Ryan Conway (fourth from right) who tragically died at a very young age. Robert Legge was still in charge with Dennis Piper(back row first on the left) joining him in one of the most successful priods for the club. Dai Handel Padfield (front row first on the right) was the clubs chairman who also represented the club as a player. He sponsored many a football kit and bought the players free beer on our successful cup runs.

Yours truly excepting the cup on behalf of Cwmtillery AFC.

Another trophy this was at Newport Stadium where we had just won the Ameteur cup what a mud bath  as you can see by the state of me but what a night.

A younger and somewhat slimmer me posing with the ameteur cup

My footballing passion don't end with Cwmtillery AFC I also love Queens  Park Rangers FC who I've supported all my life and have put me through the mill over the last 40 years. My lovely wife Tina took me to London to watch them at the hallowed ground known as Loftus Road. We had a great weekend and was lucky enough to be taken into the ground by a lad at the club superstore who works for the club. I was in heaven here's a few pic's of the day:-

Here's one happy chappy outside Loftus Road

Tina and myself by the tunnel entrance to the ground.

Harry Rednapp eat your heart out I sat in the dug out before you what an honour.

It wasn't all about football that weekend we visited Hyde park which had a good veriety of birds there to many to name here but what a great experience that was. Here's a feral pigeon taking food straight from Tina's hand.

This post has brought a few good old memories back I found the pic's whilst looking back on some old photo's and thought as it was a large part of my life I'd share them with you here.

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