Sunday, 17 February 2013


Siskins are supposed to be in good numbers around the country this year but I haven't had any in for months, until today, when a mixed group of six popped onto the feeders two males and four females came on to the niger seed feeder. Greenfinch goldfinch and chaffinch were in good numbers as well. A brambling almost in full spring plumage was also there this morning but time I got the camera set up the bleeder had disapeared.

male chaffinch

male greenfinch

this robin popped in

three finches on the niger seed siskin greenfinch and goldfinch

female siskin

a poor pic of a male siskin
With the days starting to lengthen and some of the sunny days we've had lately the birds are starting to sing especially early mornings and also starting to hold territories. Early breeders such as songthrush, nuthatch etc. might already be starting to build nests, on the BTO website there's a pair of Tawny owls already at the egg laying stage, so it looks as though spring is on the way.

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