Tuesday, 26 March 2013


What the hell has happened to spring ? The worlds gone mad we're coming up to the Easter holidays and there's snow everywhere and the temperatures are below freezing even in the day time thanks to the raw biting easterly winds we've been having. Having said that we're better off than the poor souls who live in north Wales, northern England, Scotland and northern Ireland who have had the of the worst of the weather.
The migrating birds that have reached our shores by now must be wondering what's going on, and their inability to find food once they have arrived could spell disaster for them. Like I said in my last post this weather is going to knock this breeding season back a few weeks let's hope it starts to warms up soon.
Took some pic's of the harsh conditions my resident birds are fighting against at the moment:-

icey feeding station

garden looking more like January than March.

frozen view from our mountain

male Reed Bunting

our outside water pipe frozen solid


another frozen view


this is supposed to be late March!

This Reed Bunting is uncharacteristically trying to get food off this feeder.

male Siskin

male Chaffinch

male Siskin
G.S Woodpecker

Here's two close ups and a squirrel I took before all that horrid white stuff came down

Pied Wagtail

G.S Woodpecker


Here's hoping that the weather will soon change to something like spring so our resident and migrant birds can get on with their breeding season.

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