Friday, 14 April 2017


Reading the BTO Garden Bird Survey 2016 it states on there that Greenfinch numbers have plummeted dramatically.
The main reason behind this is Trichomonosis  a parasite disease and one of the main causes of this (according to the experts) is our dirty feeders.
I've always had really good numbers of Greenfinches at my feeders but this year I haven't had any which is a bit of a worry. I do clean my feeders perhaps not as often as I should but not to have a single Greenfinch visit my feeders must show that the BTO survey is pretty accurate.

I don't know what the answer is to stop the Greenfinch decline but it would be a massive shame to lose one of our charismatic and beautiful garden visitors.

male greenfinch

female greenfinch
close up

male and juvenile Greenfinch on my clean feeder
Lets hope that the experts can find a cure for this Trichomonosis  and our Greenfinches can bounce back.  

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