Saturday, 29 April 2017


This morning saw me first watching then managing to photograph the returning Redstarts. It's great to see these birds back on the farm and we hope they'll take up residence in one of our boxes.

male redstart

female redstart
No rings on their legs so unless they fell off, this pair can't be any of the chicks ringed at the farm last year.

male redstart

female showing the characteristic red tail.
Our Swallow still hasn't been joined by any females he's been here a while now but he's still flying around singing loudly and living in hope. Me and the Wife have named him lonesome George.

lonesome George
He's sometimes joined by the odd Meadow pipit or two.

meadow pipit

or two! (think this is the same one)
Good morning and great to see the Redstarts back.

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