Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Went around our nest box colony yesterday, we had a few of the local birds taking up residence in the boxes with Blue and Great tits taking up five boxes between them.

blue tit

great tit

 This is inside one of the nest boxes that has one egg covered over, the female will often do this if she leaves the nest to feed.

inside the nest box

We have a few Coal tits about the farm and are hoping that a pair of them will take up residence in one of the boxes.

coal tit

lets hope this one finds one of our boxes to it's liking
We also came across one of our boxes that had been taken up by a pair of Nuthatches. These birds put mud around the entrance holes of their nest sites this one has done a very artistic collage of different coloured mud a bit like army camouflage.

camo mud
inside the nuthatch box with five eggs

Could this be our artistic Nuthatch?

We also had a couple of damaged boxes think this one had been attacked by a squirrel

one of the damaged boxes

Altogether 39 boxes checked two Nuthatches with eggs 5 other's with eggs which are Blue and Great tits and 9 other nests started.

Stephen the nest finder Carter also found this Blackbird nest amongst the gorse.

blackbird nest
I've also had this pair of Stock Doves hanging around this old box but as of yet have not decided to use it.

stock doves

A pretty good day was had and I saw my first Wheatear and Tree pipit of the spring so was well pleased.
A big thank you to Mr. Nest Finder -  Stephen Carter good job Sir lets hope for many more in the weeks ahead. 

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