Monday, 24 November 2014


Been out this morning trying to photograph some winter thrushes that land in a berry tree near to where I live they were very skittish and I had to sit still in my Jeep for about half hour before they would land in the tree to feed. The images are not great but it was nice sit and watch and try to photograph these winter visitors from the north and east of Europe.

the Redwing

The fieldfare
both species together

think this was the best of the bunch

this female blackbird was enjoying the berries
Another winter migrant I managed to spot and get a quick shot of was this female Brambling.

Female Brambling
Nice couple of hours spent with these birds on one of the first frosty mornings of the winter so far. It was difficult trying to get decent images through all them twigs and branches, but I will be trying again (hopefully) and get some better images.

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