Saturday, 15 November 2014


Here's a quick update on Bertie the young buzzard we found with a broken wing a few weeks back.

Malcolm with Bertie after we had delivered him to the sanctuary  

We popped into the bird of prey and owl sanctuary today to ask about Bertie it was also a good excuse to have a look at the owls and raptors on show there. The place was very busy with lots of visitors which is good for business. I managed to have a word with Malcolm (he's the bloke that runs the place) and he gave me the great news that the vet had actually fixed Bertie's wing and Malcolm had set him free after fattening him up for a week or two to give him the best possible chance of survival.

lets hope our Bertie makes it
Lets hope he makes it and is able to fly free like this one I photographed earlier in the year, GOOD LUCK BERTIE!

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