Sunday, 30 November 2014


My old buddy Stephen Carter came over today to help me put up a couple of owl boxes that my brother had made for me ages ago. So I think it was about time that they went up and the autumn although coming to a close is the best time (I think) to site owl boxes. Although quite a nice day it was a bit of a struggle getting the first owl box to it's tree with all the steep boggy ground we had to walk across whilst carrying the ladders and tools. The battens on the box to fix it to the tree were horizontal and we had no end of trouble trying to securing it and Luke (my middle step son) and I had to go back later with some more wood to fasten it tight, so hopefully the job is now done. Quick tip - if you put battens on an owl box put them on vertically!! 

Stephen Carter fastening the owl box

give us a smile Steve

the owl box up with extra wedges and battens
Lets hope that we get some success in this box like we had with my other box we put up a couple of years ago where a pair of Tawny owls successfully raised 1 chick

tawny owl chick from earlier in the year

I should have prepared better for the second box it needs a lot of modifications for us to successfully site it on an old concrete lampost so will have to wait now for a week or two until the work on it is done. I'm pretty pleased we got the one up though, a good mornings work and a massive thanks to Steve and Luke for their help cheers lads.

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