Saturday, 13 August 2016


Went over to Slimbridge WWT yesterday see if I could brush up on my( not the greatest ) Wader I.D skills. Managed to see and photograph the Cranes which I was hoping for and saw quite a few different species though couldn't photograph them all as they were sometimes a little to far out of reach for my camera.






Here's a Crane Slimbridge WWT have successfully re introduced these birds to the reserve with their breeding programme which was featured on Springwatch or perhaps it was autumn watch anyway they are impressive looking birds.

Crane with greylag geese in the foreground

The black tailed godwits are in really good numbers at Slimbridge this first bird has still got a lot of it's summer plumage where as the second bird has lost nearly all its summer dress and looks more like a winter bird (bleeding confusing this Wader ID).

blacktailed godwit (summer)
blacktailed godwit (winter)


Woodpigeons are everywhere and very tame

There's a rookery there as well a member of the crow family a rook is not a bird you see every day. It's bare patch at the base of the bill its best ID feature

There's a lot of captive birds also at the reserve although they're nice to see they're not truly wild. The Bewick swan vists Slimbridge from Northern Europe they arrive usually around October and stay for the winter before they return up north to breed. They have some captive residents around the lagoons as well here's one of three individuals that I saw.

bewick swan
An enjoyable day at the reserve but I still need to get better at my Wader ID, back to the class room me thinks.

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