Thursday, 11 August 2016


Went over to Llandegfedd Reservoir yesterday, this place was one of Gwents birding hotspots until the opening of the RSPB Newport Gwent levels reserve at Goldcliff in Newport. Welsh water has now opened up the top end of the reservoir to sailing and boat trips and has built a visitors center and cafe. Fly fishing off the shore and from boats still seems to be well catered for  while at the bottom end of the res where most of the birders go the hides are really in a poor state of repair and the paths and area's in front of the hides are massively overgrown with reeds and trees making visibility from the hides almost impossible. I heard that it's all to do with funding and that the sailing boats, fishing and visitors centre pull in money where the area's for wildlife do not. Having said all that the place still pulls in a surprising amount of good birds with the odd rarity now and again dropping in. An Osprey can be seen in early spring and late summer and good numbers of winter wildfowl the odd Diver and waders on passage from their breeding grounds can be seen here. In summer there's a good selection of migrants all singing and calling to establish breeding territories and if your lucky you might see a Hobby. There's also good numbers of resident birds passarines a plenty, herons, cormorants, grebe's, canada geese as well as a big gull roost.

I was not disappointing with my visit the highlights being a pair of little Egret, female Mandarin duck, Common Tern, and a pair of Kingfishers. There were still a few warblers about in the form of Reed, Willow and Whitethroats. The great crested Grebe's have had a good breeding season there were family groups all over the place. A very large flock of House Martins and good numbers of Herons, Cormorants, and Gulls were also on view.
Here's some pictures of a few birds seen on the day.

This Common Tern was a solitary bird but showed really well.

common tern

A pair of Kingfishers were flying onto this very strategically placed perch. 

This pair of Kingfishers were having a bit of an argument I think its a male on the right as female's have a lighter lower mandible.

The picture below shows a little Egret with yellow legs and feet where the legs are supposed to be black and the feet yellow "hmmm strange"

little Egret with yellow legs

You can see by this little egret in flight that it's legs are supposed to be black.

little egret in flight

This female Madarin was one of three birds I spotted sat together at the the edge of the res.

female mandarin

Below is one of the many family of Great Crested Grebes that were on the reservoir

great crested grebe with her chicks
Here's a nice pair of Mute Swans

mute swans
This Black Headed Gull (an immature I think)  is one of the many Gulls that make their home at Llandegfedd.

black headed gull
 Sorry about all the pics but I had to make amends after forgetting my camera on our holiday to Mull.
Llandegfedd is a beautiful place I just hope that Welsh water understands this and what an important area it is for wildlife and for the wildlife enthusiasts and tries to keep it so. There are not that many SSSI in Gwent so we should cherish them. Water sports can bring in revenue and as long as disturbance to the birds and other wildlife are kept to a minimum I can't see why they both can't be enjoyed together in this wonderful place. 

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