Monday, 1 June 2015


Below are two video's showing Stephen Carter ringing Meadow pipits and then Redstarts. The Meadow Pipits were ringed last weekend and the Redstarts this weekend. 
I edited out the background sound in the first video as I think Steve and his nesting buddy Anthony forgot that I was recording them and were effing and jeffing away so not to offend anyone I've muted their voices. The meadow pipits have now fledged so if they survive and come back up here to nest next year we might see them with their rings attached.

Also the Buzzard's are doing well with three chicks still in the nest with a half eaten rabbit. Although we think the smallest Buzzard is struggling a bit as it seemed to be either sleeping or it has died, we'll find out if it's okay the next time we check on them.

the three buzzard chicks

Here's also a photo of a Woodpigeon chick in a nest that Steve has found.

woodpigeon chick
Still a while to go until the end of the nesting season so who knows what will turn up.


  1. Its a good job the camera isn't rolling when we are doing our ringing, it would be an xxxxx rating!! Nice post Dawson......

  2. Thanks Paul, believe me it was xxxxxx rating, I needed one of them bleep machines. Thanks for being a follower as you can see I haven't got many, hope all is well with your gang up in Leicestershire all the best.