Wednesday, 16 April 2014


On Sunday I visited two local water bodies, Cwmtillery Lake and Pen-y-fan Pond.

cwmtillery lake from bottom end

the lake from top end

pen-y-fan pond from car park
First stop was Cwmtillery Lakes I was brought up near here and the lake reservoir and surrounding mountains is where I cut my birdwatching teeth. I still love coming to the lakes but there's a lot of is a dog walking, pick-nicks, youths drinking cans and it's really close to the main road, but having said that they still do have some good birds and the local action group for the lakes have done some fantastic work there. It was a clear morning but bleeding freezing I sat still for about an hour and had some great views of grey wagtail and dipper.

grey wagtail

I sat for what seemed ages watching these birds but photographing them proved to be more difficult than I thought but I did manage a couple of decent efforts.

There were the resident mallards but there were no females think they will all  be sitting on eggs or tending to ducklings hidden away somewhere.

drake mallard

Also a few Moorhens scuttling about.

To my surprise nesting Coot I just hope people walking their dogs and the fishermen in general give these birds a chance.

coot on nest

coot with chicks
I was also surprised to see these two Canada Geese swimming by.

canada geese
I left the place quite pleased with what I'd seen but couldn't resist one more pic of the Dipper what a cracking bird and well worth freezing my butt off for.

Time I arrived at Pen-y-fan pond there were quite a few dog walkers and people just up there enjoying the morning sunshine. Nothing on the pond but saw quite a few species of birds while walking around finches and buntings and other small passerines but couldn't get close enough for any decent pictures. While walking near the banking I disturbed this Heron what a beauty.

grey heron

lovely bird
Didn't think I was going to be lucky enough to photograph anything else but on the way back to the car a meadow pipit landed reasonably close enough for me to grab a couple of images.

meadow pipit

these are mostly overlooked but what a handsome bird

When I got back home I had a nice surprise my first swallow of the year was back at the farm. Expect it will soon be joined by its mates and they'll be repairing their nests ready to start breeding they had an excellent year last summer.

our first swallow

I really enjoyed my few hours out and it was nice to see and photograph a couple of different species but I do love it on the farm.

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