Wednesday, 19 March 2014


We've got this blue tit coming to the doors and windows of our house over the last week or so. It lands on the window ledge or door handle and tries to get in. I thought it might be trying to attack its reflection but other than that I haven't got the foggiest anyone with an explanation?

do you want to come in mate?

I can see you

Had these pair of Yellowhammers at my feeders, think all this warm spring like weather might encourage some early breeding.

male yellowhammer

and the female

I've also had nesting pied wagtails over the last couple of years and they've arrived again this year so I won't be surprised if they start nest building over the next few weeks.

pied wagtail

Also something has dug this hole just below where my feeders are it's about the size of a fist yet again I ask "anyone with an explanation"? 

what's dug this? there's no gold in these mountains.

Also nice to see the Siskins back.

siskin, this one's a female.

 It seems that things are on the move with birds starting to build and I bet some of the early breeders are sitting on eggs by now. Lets hope the weather stays fair, we've had enough rain for this year me thinks-unless your a duck that is :-)

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