Monday, 24 June 2013


As well as the blackbird chicks successfully fledgling, their nest being in my shed, I also have a brood of swallows that look ready to leave the nest any time. They also made their nest in the shed they've been coming back to breed there since we've had the house.

a nice healthy brood of 4 chicks
I've also spotted a few juvenile goldfinch about the feeders, so I think they've had a good year.

young goldfinch
I think with all the birds chicks starting to leave their nests it's a time when the birds and animals that predate them start hunting in earnest to feed their own hungry broods. This buzzard has started to show a lot more hovering in the wind.

this buzzard is on the hunt
A lot of birds now will be thinking of starting their second or even third broods now, and because of the very late spring I wouldn't be surprised if this years nesting season goes on into late July or even August.

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