Sunday, 4 June 2017


Great news on the Redstart front we now have 5 active nests the newest one has 6 eggs

redstart nestbox with 6 eggs

Two other boxes that were checked had chicks in that were a little to small to ring.

The good news was that one brood of youngsters in another box were big enough for Steve to ring. The video below shows Steve ringing the chicks, there were seven in there altogether and very cute they were to.

Steve also found a Reed buntings nest last week with young in and was hoping to ring the chicks on his visit Saturday but it was bad news as the nest had been predated.

He also found an active Green Woodpeckers nest you could hear the chicks inside the nest chamber.

green woody's nest hole
green woodpecker

It was a bit of a mixed bag Saturday but a productive couple of hours and a big thanks to Steve for his expertise top man.

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