Friday, 4 November 2016


After photographing the redwings a couple of weeks ago I've been trying to get a pic of our other winter thrush the Fieldfare. There are plenty of both species about but getting close enough for an image has been proving quite difficult. Finally after many attempts I managed to get close enough to this individual to bag a couple of half decent shots.


Whilst concentrating on the Fieldfare this male Stonechat landed on a post nearby so I was able to get an image of him.

With watching and photographing wildlife you never know what's going to turn up whilst driving down towards my house at night this Woodcock was on the side of the lane. Apologies for the pic but it was taken with my phone with the car headlights on the bird. As soon as the lights went off it the Woodcock took off onto the night.

With the Autumn migration coming to an end and winter starting to set in it will be interesting to see what else turns up.

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