Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Went around with Luke (he's my climber) and checked the three Owl boxes we've got dotted around the place to see if there was any sign of activity. Great news in the first box as a female Tawny Owl was sitting I think on eggs but she wouldn't budge off the nest so we can't be 100 percent sure if she definitely is on eggs or just roosting as she was to lazy to move.
We went very late afternoon because if the Owls are disturbed to early in the day they might not return to the nest site until it turns dark.

two pics of the female in the nest box
  I think it's the same female as last year as the facial markings are very similar but you never know.

female taken last spring.
The other two boxes were empty but there were some signs of life so perhaps with a bit of luck we might get something in these as well.
Our Tawny Owls raised one chick last year so lets hope that the weather stays fair and they manages to fledge a couple more this year.

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