Saturday, 2 November 2013


Above our house there are a few berry trees and whilst driving past them this week I saw a Fieldfare this bird is a winter migrant from Scandinavia and so must have only arrived here over the last couple of weeks.  So this morning I got my camera and drove up near the berry tree and waited, in only a couple of minutes the Fieldfares as well as other birds started to arrive. Managed a few half decent pic's but couldn't get any with the birds not in amongst the twigs well no decent one's anyway.




turdus pilaris
There were also other thrush's attracted by the berry's, this Mistle Thrush and female Blackbird were having a berry feast in-between being chased off by the dominant Fieldfare

mistle thrush

 Was hoping for a few Redwing (another winter thrush) but none were seen. I hope they do turn up would love to get an image of one.


  1. Thanks Steve, How was your Countryfile TV experience good to get our area on the map.