Sunday, 28 July 2013


Well hasn't it been hot phew! all I've wanted to do after work is sit in the shade and chill it's been to hot to do anything else.
I have managed a couple of pic's mostly of a few juveniles there's loads about, there's still a few active nests also with birds going for 2 or 3 broods. Swallow, Linnet, Pipit's and Reed buntings are still sitting on eggs or feeding young. There's also butterflies and bees everywhere, I think the hot weather has helped the birds recoup their numbers after last year's bad season.

great spotted woodpecker juvenile with the obvious red cap

two of this years first brood swallows

a young greenfinch

a juvenile siskin

young house martin

this blackbird just getting its adult feathers

one of this years redstarts, was hoping to see a ring on it's leg so it'll be the brood that Steve Carter ringed.

meadow pipit
 Let's hope they make it through their first winter.

I've took these two photo's of butterflies, think they are small tortoiseshell and small white perhaps? I'll have to get myself a buddliah bush.

Also found this common lizard crawling between the stones, it seems to have lost some of it's tail.

common lizard

what's happened to your tail mate?

 Here's some foxgloves they're growing everywhere up here.

This I think is cotton grass:-

This is it close up.

Thought I'd finish with some nice sunset pic's.

It has been a cracking few weeks weather wise lets hope the sun keeps on shining all summer long.

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